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What's Going On at RTM Ministries?
NEW - published 7/20/16
Brother Bill Mullins
When this ministry began in May 2010 it started out as a simple blog, a notebook if you will, where I posted what I was studying in scriptures and what God was revealing to me through His word.

I am not a "bible scholar", I do not have any formal religious training, I do not hold any degrees in any of the religious disciplines, and when it comes to witting, English is perhaps a third or forth language to me.

As a matter of fact I am among the least qualified of men or women to be in this type of ministry.

But something happened along the way!

I began to get emails, even phone calls, from pastors from around the world thanking me for the work of my hands.  They told me that they were blessed by what they found on the blog, that they were using the content for sermons and that their children used what is published here as bible study aids.  Glory to God!

As time went by the blog began to take on a life of it's own and it began to take on the semblance of a ministry.

I began to learn that what we are doing here was really touching people's lives.

Now we are not a large ministry, we do not have thousands of members and we do not have a church building.  We never wanted any of that.  All that we desire to do it so lead people to the Lord and to help them to experience the Christian life on a higher level through discipleship.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that what you find here blesses you in some small way.  That something you read might cause you to think about what you believe and how it aligns with scriptures.  That you might come to a deeper understanding of our faith.

Most important of all however, I pray that your experience here leads you to a deeper and more intimate with our Lord Jesus Christ, and with our Father God!        Be Blessed!
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