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Worship & Praise

No Christian web site wold be complete without a worship and praise center. This area of our site is presently under development we have however posted a few of our favorite videos for your enjoyment.

Be Blessed!
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Audio/Video Chat

Weather you are a Registered Member or a Guest (no registration required) you are welcome to use our chat rooms for Christian Fellowship. All that we ask is that when you are using the chat rooms that you conduct yourselves as adult Christians. This means no contentious conversations and no strife!

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David Walters Ministries

Pastor David Walters has been an anointed and appointed minister of the word of God for over 40 years and His ministry has always been geared towards deliverance through the preaching of the gospel. of Jesus Christ.

His preaching style is, what I like to call, down to earth Texican and you will be blessed by his Holy Spirit inspired messages. I Garrontee!

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Sunday Services

Being held on MONDAY Evenings at Tru Christian Chat - 10:pm EST

Click Image to Join Brother Nalu (Praise & Worship Leader) and Brother htl (Pastor David Walters - gospel preacher/teacher) for uplifting praise & Worship and an inspired message from the word of God.

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