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Renew The Mind Ministries is a biblically based discipleship ministry predicated on Romans 12:2

We are dedicated to the premise of
Christian discipleship following conversion.

We are focused on
Transformation after Salvation
We Believe that God so loved the world, while it was still at enmity with Him and while man was still sinning against Him, that He came into the world in the person of Jesus the Christ, the Lamb of God, who sacrificed His own life on a Roman cross, for the remission of the sins of the world.

We Believe that through one man (Adam) sin and death came into the world and that through one man (Christ Jesus - the second person of the Godhead) sin and death were removed from the world.

We believe that there is only one way to the Father and that way is salvation through Christ Jesus.

We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit (the third person of the Godhead).  That He was sent onto us by the Father, at the bequest of our Lord Jesus, to teach us all things, guide us onto all truth, testify of Christ, show is that which is to come, and to administer spiritual gifts which empower us to conform to and do the will of God.

We believe that salvation is only the first step in God's plan for the redemption of man and that all subsequent steps are geared towards our transformation into the image and likeness of our Lord Jesus.  Subsequently we believe that receiving Jesus as Lord and our submission to His will is the second step in His being formed within us.

We believe in the great commission of our Lord and that spreading His gospel, as well as Christian discipleship, is the duty of every Christian believer who has truly subjugated themselves to His lordship.

Lastly we proclaim that we are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. We profess that His name stands above all names and that every knee will bow before Him when He returns to the Earth to establish His eternal kingdom, of which He is the sovereign Lord.
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