Welcome to Renew The Mind Ministries
After three years in on-line ministry we have been so blessed to have reached people in over 150 countries around the world.

I often get messages, and emails and even phone calls from pastors around the globe expressing their thanks for the work that we are doing here, especially what has been written within our blog.

I can not even begin to express my thanks to our God that He is using this ministry to do His work here on earth and It is my heartfelt prayer that you are blessed in some small way by something that you find here!
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Brother Bill

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Brother Nalu (Al)
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Renew The Mind Ministries is an on-line Christ Centered International Discipleship Ministry dedicated to the maturation of Christian believers through the doctrins of our Lord Christ Jesus.

We believe in the unity of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
We believe in the literal renewing of the mind to overcome the ways of the world.
We Believe in complete submission to the Father through the transformation into the image of the Christ.
We believe that the Holy Spirit guides onto all truth and teaches us all things.
We believe that Christ Jesus is the Head of His church and all parts of the body are distinct and equally important.
We believe that we were put on this earth to be lights onto the world that the glory of the Almighty God might be seen through us.
We believe that we should NEVER compromise the word of God and ALWAYS speak the truth into this darkened world.