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Renew The Mind Ministries is a global new covenant  church, that meets online to worship The Lord God Christ Jesus, edify one another through scriptures, have fellowship, encourage each other in the Lord, and to pray for one another .
What is a Church?

According to the modern definition: a church is a building used for public Christian worship.

In the ancient Kione Greek however the word church (
ekklēsia) literally means a calling out.  It is a compound word formed from the words: ek - out of, from, by, away from and kaleō - to call.

Therefore a church, in the context of it's literal scriptural sense, is a calling out of or away from the world and towards the way of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Separated only by distance we all share in the same pains of this life, the same temptations of this world and the same mortal enemy who is the prince and ruler of this world.......   More important than any of these things however we also share in things that are infinitely more powerful.......  Our love of and for our Lord Jesus Christ, our shared love for the brethren, and the presence of the Holy Spirit of God both within us and around us.......  Join Our Global Community of Christian disciples and unite the world wide body of Christ in a very real way by sharing our faith with each other, worshiping our Lord together, studying His word together, praying for each other and having fellowship with each other for His glory.......  Amen!
You see brothers and sisters "the church" is not a building it is the body of Christ!

The church is you and me and all who have turned away from the ways of the world and who have become disciples of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus.

The church is not made of building materials and furniture it is made up of the children of God, each one an important member of the whole body of Christ on the earth.

If you are having a difficult time finding a local church congregation where you feel wanted or needed, if you are, for whatever reason, unable to attend local church services and are not being fed the word of God, if you are seeking fellowship with believers who truly care about you:

Renew The Mind Ministries might be a place that can meet spiritual your needs!
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