Welcome to Renew The Mind Ministries Blog
Renew The Mind Ministries has not been developed to serve as a teaching ministry!
We believe that the Holy Spirit teaches us all things and guides us onto all truth.

This ministry has been developed to present a particular scriptural point of view, as well as the scriptures which support that point of view, in the hope that what has been written here will encourage the reader to dig deeper into the word of truth, because the truth will set us free!

Introduction to Renew The Mind Ministries

Renewing The Mind

The apostle Paul instructs us to do four things in Romans 12:2 regarding renewing the mind:

  • Do Not Conform To The World
  • Be Transformed
  • Renew The Mind
  • Prove The Will of God

Most of the content on this site is designed to help you to learn the will of God so that you might prove His will in your lives.  The idea of proving (dokimazō) the will of God literally means to put the word of God to the test.  That is say that once we discover God’s will (thelēma – inclination, pleasure, desires) in His Word we are to do that which we have learned so that we might see for ourselves that His will is good and acceptable and perfect for our lives.

The questions here are:

  • What is the mind?
  • Why do we need to transform our mind?
  • How do we transform our mind?

What is the Mind?

Before we discover what the mind is let’s first look at what the mind is not!

  • The mind is not the human brain.  The function of the brain, simply speaking, is to do two things.  Those things are to store information and control the functions of the human body.
  • The mind is not where the thought process takes place.  That process takes place in the heart.
  • The mind is that part of us which stands between the brain and the heart and regulates the information that passes from the brain into the heart.  If we are carnally minded our minds permit man’s wisdom to pass into our heart.  If we are spiritually minded our mind takes into captivity only that which is brought into the obedience of Christ (2 Cor 10:5) and permits only that revelation to pass into our heart.

Therefore the mind is like a filter and our objective is to renew the mind from it’s natural condition of carnality into a state of spirituality, or God mindedness.  This causes single mindedness on the part of the believer just as Christ was single minded towards His Father and His words.

To have the mind of Christ means to be disciplined, as he was, receiving only that which was from the Father into His life.

If a person is double minded they do not have the mind of Christ because he or she allows both carnal and spiritual information into their heart.  Subsequently, when they enter into the process of thought, their thoughts become confused because they are considering two kinds of information; Godly and worldly, rather than just receiving Godly information, or what we like to call revelation knowledge, into their hearts.  That is why a double minded man’s thoughts are more often than not convoluted regarding scriptures.  As a result a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways (Jam 1:8).

Why do we need to transform our mind?

So that we can become single minded towards God, thinking only Godly thoughts, speaking only Godly things and doing only the will of our Father in our lives, thus being transformed into the image and likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How do we transform our minds?

By disciplining our selves to take captive only that information which is obedient to Christ, depositing that information into our hearts, and meditating on them.

Therefore the purpose of this ministry is basically two-fold:

  1. To exhort you to begin to discipline your mind to only allow Godly thoughts into your hearts.
  2. To give you the word of truth, as opposed to the doctrines of men, that you need to help you to walk the narrow path and pass through the narrow gate which leads to the kingdom of God on earth.

It is our earnest and fervent prayer that all who come to Renew The Mind Ministries leave this site having gleaned what God has left for them here and that they continue to return when they are hungry for the bread of life!

May our Father God Bless You and Keep You in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Your Hosts in Christ,

Brother Bill (RTMM Founder & Site Administrator)
Nalu (Brother Al -Praise & Worship Leader)
htl (Honor The Lord) (Pastor David Walters – Bible Study Leader)