The Apostle Paul

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I am writing this in the light of what seems to be a rising anti-Pauline spirit within the Church today.Much like the Hebrew Roots Movement proclaims that Christians have moved too far away from it’s Hebrew roots, this anti-Pauline movement … Continued

The Similitude

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There are many similitudes found within scriptures, which we often refer to as types and shadows, most of which having to do with the likeness of other people or objects to some aspect of our Lord Christ Jesus.Last night, while … Continued

A Word To The Wise

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We have often heard the questions, “what would Jesus do” and “what did Jesus say”, but we seldom hear the question “what did Jesus mean”?(2Ti 2:15) Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be … Continued

Same Sex Marriage in America

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I’d like to begin by first stating that albeit I am morally & ethically opposed to same sex marriage, I do not condemn nor do I judge same sex couples, or those considering entering into it because judgment belongs to … Continued

Monster Energy Drink

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Recently I saw a video made by a woman who believed that there was something sinister going on with the Monster Energy Drink.Therefore, being the Christian man that I am, one who only seeks the truth, and has no desire … Continued

The Third Day

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While laying in bed, spending some quite time with the Lord, it came to mind to read chapter two in the gospel of John, and at the very first verse, which I have read many times in my life, I … Continued