Commission by Omission

This will be short and hopefully sweet!

For as long as I can remember, even before I was saved, I have always wondered, what was it about Jesus, what was it about His nature, which gave Him the strength to walk this earth perfectly within the will of the Father.

Well last night God dropped a nugget into my spirit which answered that question once and for all, at least in my mind anyway.

And as usual it is something that is so profoundly simple that a child could have figured it out!

As I was doing and writing another study I heard the words Commission by Omission and had absolutely no idea what it meant until, for no apparent reason, Jesus's agony in the garden came to mind.

In the old testament people tried to do the law and failed.  Today people are trying to do the law and fail every day.

Jesus however never missed a beat!

He was a man, we are men (and women).  He was tempted, we are tempted, He had fears and we have fears, He had the Holy Spirit we have the Holy Spirit, He had fellowship with the Father and we have fellowship with the Father.

Why do we fail where He succeeded?

The only area that I have identified as one where the Son of Man had an advantage over us is that He was given the anointing of the Holy Spirit without measure, while we are given the anointing severally and in diversities of gifts, administrations and operations, as He wills not as we will.

Aside from that I can not find one single area where Jesus had any, for lack of a better word, advantage, over us in this life.  After all he had to be just like man in order for Him to truly understand man.  He had to experience everything that man experiences in this life to become a true advocate for man.

When Jesus was in the garden agonizing over His fate, He was filled with fear, so much so that His sweat was as drops of blood, and He begged the Father three times to take His cup from Him.

Now I firmly believe that Jesus could have got himself out of this simply by asking for an unconditional pardon.  But his request was conditional upon the will of His Father.

Now this is where Jesus had it over all of us and there was and is nothing supernatural about it!

He simply willed, that is to say that He made the conscious decision to be the clay and let the Father be the Potter!

It's that simple!

The Father led and He followed.  That is why the Father said this is my Son with whom I am well pleased.

What we tend to do is to take a plane that is set on auto-pilot and try to steer it ourselves.

Jesus did not have to try not to sin, albeit He was tempted to sin, because it was His nature, it was His will, not to sin.

We tend to think of ourselves as sinners by nature, subsequently we feel that we have to work to overcome that nature when the opposite is true.

Our new nature desires not to sin, it does not desire to sin.  So doing the will of our Father is natural and not doing it is unnatural, and when we do sin our old nature tells us that we need to something about it while our new nature tells us that it is not us doing the sin, rather it is the sin which remains in the flesh, the old nature which is doing it, not the new nature.

Even more importantly Jesus never had the sin consciousness that we have.  He knew no sin so He couldn't have sin consciousness therefore He never experienced the sense of judgment or the sense of condemnation with regard to doing the will of His Father as we have.

We still have remnants of the old nature to battle with every day.  But as we pick up our cross daily, as we allow God to kill off the desires of the flesh, the more we come to realize that we ARE the righteousness of God in Christ and that there is nothing we can do or not do that will change that.

When we come to that point where we no longer experience that sense of judgment and condemnation we become truly free of sin in every sense.

So ALWAYS remember that you ARE the righteousness of God and He is changing you day by day.  He is making you new on the inside from faith to faith and glory to glory.  You do not have to do anything other than let the Potter be the Potter and remember that you are not the Potter.

The ONLY people who concern themselves with this,  the only people who have become fanatical about doing the will of the Father, the only people who talk about it incessantly, are those who know they are not doing what they are telling you to do, just like the Pharisees.

And what they do not understand, just like the Pharisees, is that the reason they are obsessed with this is because they truly believe that any righteous thing that they might do comes as a result of their own efforts rather than through the power of God working within them.  They do not believe that He is doing it not them!

Be Blessed

Commission by Omission

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