Food for the Soul is a video series designed to encourage, edify and provoke the viewer to dig deeper into scriptures to gather food for their souls.

The videos found here will be short (usually under 5 minutes), they will be concise, and most important of all they will be practical.  That is to say that they will be applicable in terms of the everyday life of the Christian believer who has moved beyond the confines of simple salvation and into the realm of the spirit where we will spend eternity with our Lord and Savior.

You see brothers, sisters and friends this earthen life and everything we possess is temporal and we will leave this world in the exact way that we came into it:

Spiritual Beings!​

Now I know that most of us do not think of ourselves as spirit beings inhabiting an earthen body, that most tend to view themselves as physical earthen beings with a spirit living within them.  That we are the houses we  live in, the cloths that we wear, the cars that we drive and the persons that we see in the mirror every morning.

Well, if this is the way you think, if this is how you feel and you are seeking the kingdom of heaven, this page and these videos may very well be just what you need!

I pray the Holy Spirit lead us and guide us in Jesus Name!​

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Food for the Soul