In The Name of Jesus

There are many places within scriptures where we are told that if we ask anything in Jesus's name it shall be given unto us.

There are some who call this doctrine "name it and claim it" but these people clearly do not understand the meaning of what our Lord is saying here.

In this study of God's word we will take a closer look at what Jesus is actually saying here and why understanding it it is relevant to the life of the Christian believer.

This will be especially valuable to those who believe that God has not answered their prayers or those who believe that He simply said no.

May the Holy Spirit guide us onto all truth as we seek to better understand the word of God within the context of this proclamation made by our Lord Christ Jesus.  Amen!

Back in the time of Christ it was no strange thing to do or command someone to do  something in the name of another.  For example there were always messengers of the king, who had the authority to do so, going throughout the land making proclamations "in the name of the king".

When we as Christians make a proclamation, perform a work, or make a petition, in the name of our King we do so as His representatives who have been given the authority to do so.  This duty however comes with great responsibilities not the least of which is to be certain that the words we are speaking are His words, the works that we are doing are His works, and the petitions that we make are of His will and not of our own.

The problem however is that many do not take the name of Jesus or this responsibility seriously.  There seems to be an almost a cavalier attitude within those who proclaim to speak in His name, invoke His name in prayer, or in the performance of a work in His name. 

It's as if the name of our Lord has become more of a catch phrase rather than the key to unlocking the blessings of heaven.

What all servants of the most high God have in common is that they receive their marching orders, so to speak,  directly from God himself just as the king's heralds received their instructions from the king himself.

These men were called directly into the presence of the king so that His commands were given to them personally and because this left absolutely no room for error.

In the case of an servant of Christ, we must enter directly into His presence to hear that which He desires of us.  This means that we must have a personal relationship with Him!

(Mat 7:21) Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

(Mat 7:22) Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

(Mat 7:23) And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

For many years I sought to understand what this iniquity (lawlessness) which earned the rebuke of our Lord was.

It could not be the works themselves because Jesus does not rebuke them nor does He forbid these from performing them.  As a matter of fact it is not even a requirement that a person be an official member of the club, in a manner of speaking, to posses the authority to do the works of Christ in His name (Mar 9:39).

What I have come to understand is that this statement has less to do with their being workers of lawlessness and more to do with the lack of relationship or that their iniquity was that of not having a personal relationship with Jesus.

After all, we are all workers of iniquity and enter into heavenly places only by the grace of God through our Lord Christ Jesus, not of ourselves.

You see the works are done for the glory of the Father and of the Son, not for man's vain glory, and when someone invokes the name of Jesus that thing will be done so that the Father and the Son are not put to open shame.

I believe what is happening here is that these people, who invoked the name of Jesus in their works, are not His sheep, He didn't know them, and they now find themselves standing before Christ in judgment, professing Him as their Lord and touting their works as reason for entrance into the kingdom rather than their relationship with Him.

It seems rather obvious that these people were not doing these works for the glory of the kingdom rather for their own glory and that this is the iniquity of which our Lord is speaking.  They were not against Him, which subsequently makes them for Him, but they did not truly receive Him in life as their Savior and their Lord.

If these were written within the Lamb's Book of Life Jesus would have not told them to depart from Him!


There is power in the name of Jesus just as there was power to save in the blood that was placed around the doorways in Egypt on the day the angel of death passed over it.

The command was to put the blood of the lamb around the doorways and to remain within the building.  Even if an Egyptian had done so the angel of death would have passed over them as well as the houses of the Isrealites.  That however would not make them Israelite nor would it have made them God's people.

Likewise using the name of Jesus will result in the manifestation of His power but that, in and of itself, does not make one His.

Those who are His, those who are His sheep, those who are truly His disciples, are known by Him because they have entered into relationship with Him.  They hear His voice and they follow Him. They follow the voice of no other.  They love Him and keep His commandments.  What they do they do in the spirit of love not out of some legal requirement nor for vain glory.

Therefore what we do we do because He has instructed us to act and what we say we say because He has instructed us to speak.  These acts are not of us but are of Him (or at least in a perfect world they should be).

We hear Him through His words, be it through scriptures or divine revelation (either way through the ministering of the Holy Spirit) and as His ministers we do what He says to do and we speak what we hear Him speak.

To hear Him however we must be in a position to listen for His voice.  This means that we must draw close to Him and to draw close to Him we must seek Him (in the scriptures and in prayer).  We must seek Him in every thought and every action, every moment of every day if we are to do His will and not our own.

This means that we must move away from the distractions of this world and enter into a place where we can give our full attention to Him.  We must find our desert or our mountain top so that we can be alone with Him as He was alone with the Father.

You see brothers and sisters it is not about the power in the name it's about the love in our heart.  It's about our desire to enter into a true personal relationship with our Savior and our Lord.  It's about the bride entering into a true relationship with the Bridegroom.

Be Blessed!

In The Name of Jesus

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