Renew the Mind Ministries began back in 2010 as an online notebook where I could share what God had been revealing to me​ over the course of my studies.  As time went by I began to let comments and emails from pastors who expressed that the content found here was a blessing to them, their families and to members of their congregations.

Naturally the sentiments made me quite pleased and I felt very blessed that the fruit of my labor was blessing others.  In that same light however I was also somewhat taken aback.

You see I am anything but a writer.  In fact, being raised in Brooklyn, NY English is a second language for me.  That is to say that albeit I always has a good vocabulary level in school and had above average reading comprehension, I only maintained a passing grade in my English classes.

After a time I began to feel something in my spirit that God wanted me to do more with what had been started on this site.  So I began to study more and write more.  As I did so more and more people started to come here from all over the globe.  And, the more people came the more blessings I received!

About a year later I added chat rooms to the site and created a few social media pages.

To date (08/10/2014) we receive some 50 visitors per/day (55% of which are new visitors and 45% returning visitors), we are reaching more people through social media sites than ever before, we have two bible study sessions (weekly) and are presently working on a new Praise and Worship session as well.

Unfortunately however, during a recent move to a faster server for the site, we lost some three and a half years of content and it will take quite a long time to restore what has been written here.

However, I do not believe in coincidences and believe that God had a reason for allowing this to happen. 

We will simply keep moving on and keep trusting in Him and His wisdom!

I pray that those who come here continue to be blessed and that our Father God continues to bless our little ministry as well.

May God Bless You All in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Amen!

Yours in Christ

Brother Bill
(site founder & administrator)

 Renew The Mind Ministries